Sssh, our customers love us :)

KOMET is a well-known brand that is on the market for 60 years, selling only in stores all over the world. Now KOMET has decided to open an online store, to reach you personally in your homes. This is why we called it It's personal. 

There are several millions of satisfied and fully comfortable women all over the world that are wearing KOMET underwear. Here is what few of them are saying:

“Luxurious lingerie is super soft and amazingly comfortable. I love them. It feels like silk, but breaths.” Sandra, Germany

“The material of these are great! The price is a little more than I usually want to pay for my underwear, but I saved money buying on sale day.” Linda, UK

“Superb quality and amazing comfort. I am using Komet lingerie for many years. For sure will not change for many more.” Marija, Slovenia

“Love my Komet underwear. Comfortable and good materials, good for every day”.  Ivana, Croatia

“Perfect size, very comfortable plus sizes”. Efrat, Israel