Bra Styles:

Support bra  underwires inserted into the seams of the cups give shape and support to the bust.

Moulded bra  with cups moulded in one piece. The advantage of this bra is that it has no visible seams on the cups and therefore leaves no contours on the garments. 

Foam-padded bra  padded with seamless, foam shaped cups. There are no visible seams on the cups, which give a smooth look and leave no contours on the garments.

Push-up bra  with fully padded cups and underwire, especially suitable for smaller bust as it emphasizes the bust size and gives a fuller look.

Minimizer − aims to reduce bust size appearance for one cup size. It features seamless moulded cups, offering excellent support and a smooth look, leaving no contours.

Nursing bra – without support but with flaps that can be unclasped for easy access. It is made of natural materials, pleasant to the touch and easy to care for.

Post-operative bra – without underwire. The sewn-in pockets inside the cups enable the insertion of breast prostheses (in the left or right cup).

− has the support of a bra with or without padding, but extends a few centimetres below the bust or all the way down to the waist or hips.

Body − bra and panties all in one, made of stretchy materials.

Corset − is a boned, extended bra with a girdle or classic garters to hold up stockings. It is partly made of stronger fabric and designed to shape the torso and give support to the back and abdomen.


Panty Styles:

G-String − panty cut high over the leg with almost no back coverage.

Thong − this style reaches up to mid hips or waist, the front and the back section are joined with thin side straps or elastic. 

Brazilian − cut very high over the leg with a triangle-shaped front section.

Brief  – 
this panty can be cut low or high over the legs.

Hipster − cut low in the front and back, tightly embracing and covering the hips. This type of underwear was designed to be worn under low-rise jeans and trousers.

Boxer brief − feminine version of men's boxer brief with short, close-fitting legs. Suitable for sportswear, and especially popular with young consumers. Legs can be extended as far as the knee for women with fuller thighs.

Control panty – designed to fit closely around the hips and shape them. This panty is made from elastic, stretchy yet strong fabrics. Some styles offer additional strength in the form of padding across the abdomen. This panty can be used post-operatively.