Bra size calculator

Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong bra size and don’t even realize it?

The most common mistake you can make is choosing too big a band and too small a cup. In addition, always carefully check which kind of bra would you like to wear, is it push-up, padded, wired, soft, molded.

There is a way you will find a bra to fit your body perfectly no matter what you wear. Use our Bra Size Calculator to find a great starting point. Afterward, always check on the bra sizes and types you already have. Check the type and size on your most loved, worn and perfect fit bra and to fine-tune your bra size.

Now you are ready to hit the bra section in the store and buy yourself perfect new addition to your wardrobe. 

Calculate your bra size in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1. Measure for Band Size

  • A. Measure your underbust using a tape measure, 
  • B. Find your number (inches or centimetres) and enter it in the calculator. 
Step 2. Measure for Cup Size
  • A. While wearing a non-padded bra measure the fullest part of your bust. 
  • B. Find your number (inches or centimetres) and enter it in the calculator. 

Step 3. Check the result in the calculator and you are done! You can start shopping for your perfect fit bra!

Enter the measures here: BRA SIZE RECOMMENDER

And don't worry, next time you return, the store will remember your bra size :-)