Did you know that the wrong pair of undies can increase the risk of infection?

Not only that tight and uncomfortable underwear is unpleasant, but it also is not the healthiest situation for your vagina because it limits the airflow. Besides the fact that comfortable and well-fitted undies are the right choice, you must choose the ones made with the right fabrics.

Cotton and micro modal underwear (undies and bras) should be your choice number one, due to their breathability. Synthetic fabrics tend to hold onto moisture, causing skin irritation. But, be careful. Not all cotton and micro modal fabrics are safe and high quality. The quality of fabrics depends on the production of it and the quality of colors and bleaches used to process the fabric.

Komet strives to use only the most quality fabrics from verified suppliers from Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. It is a fact that those materials are not the cheapest, resulting in a bit higher priced lingerie and underwear. But, are you willing to put a price on your health.

Not only that for Komet quality comes first, but the brand also follows fashion trends avoiding lumpy and bumpy lines under your clothes. You can always choose from any of the cotton and micro modal seamless collections and wear healthy and invisible underwear, that Komet has developed for you.